Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Move!

Finally!!!! We've got our new house, we've moved in, we're in the midst of unpacking, and we have internet up and running!!!! :-D

No complaints about going from under 1000 sq ft to almost 2800, but it is an adjustment. Still working on getting the kids (and myself) out of the habit of yelling for one another (how COOL that the house is too big to hear anything!). Kids are sleeping pretty well in their new rooms... and wait until I post pics of Boo's Rock N Roll room, set with chalk board walls and everything. And TT will have a Little Mermaid room. Craig was unsure of the idea, until I told him my collection either goes in T's room, or in the office. He opted for the former. I'm so glad this happened over my summer break... don't know how anything would have gotten done otherwise. Already feeling overwhelmed with the boxes.

We've got a lease signed and tenants all set up to move into the old house. Weird to be a landlord. For the moment, all's right in the world. Am I jinxing myself?