Sunday, October 19, 2008

uncanny similarities

A year ago Friday night, we were heading into the hospital after feeling the first contractions. This Friday, we were sitting in the ER at the same hospital with TT having a fever of 103.8.

A year ago Saturday, we welcomed TT into the world. This Saturday, she spent her first birthday hooked up to oxygen in the Pediatric ICU, in isolation, because they feared RSV.

A year ago Sunday, we were bringing our baby home for the first time. This Sunday we brought a very sick, very tired, very scared TT home after spending 3 nights in the PICU.

So, we're not out of the woods yet, but we're doing so much better. TT has brochiatitis. Her lungs are now pretty clear, and she's getting enough oxygen on her own. She's still battling a fever and isn't eating or drinking too much, which puts her at risk of dehydration. But she's much more alert. And she's home. Two tired parents and one worried sister are very happy that she's home.

Thanks to all for their thoughts and well-wishes throughout this. Love you all!


Mommy said...

:-( That pic makes me so sad :-(

Mommy said...

Happy Birthday- old lady!