Friday, January 30, 2009

A running account of TT's words

Like all mothers, I think my child is the cutest and smartest and most talented child in creation... that being said, TT, at 15 months, is talking up a storm. Here are the words she uses consistently and correctly, in no particular order, as of January 30th. In parenthesis is her pronunciation of the word.

more (moe), up, sissy (seesee), mommy, dada, eat, tree (tee), pumpkin (bobby), open (o-pee), walk, no, yeah, please (peas), cereal(seawall), cracker(cacuh), Cheerio(teer-o), help, apple, banana (nana), Elmo, kitty, doggy, rat, book, read, {25 words} bear, froggie (foggy), hi, bye, water (wawee), mix (mehmeh), paci (pahkee), yummy (nummy), eye, nose, ear, shoe, hair, head, sock, pants, spoon, strawberry (stawbear), T.V., cheese, bowl, all done (ah duh), wash, fish (pish), thank you (tee too), {50 words} chicken (chee chin), duck, sit, down, where, bath (bat), step, phone (bone), keys, ball, baby, juice (deuce), yucky, uh oh, pillow (wee woh), blanket (bay bet), outside (ow sigh), bubble, buttons (butts), grandpa (ba ba), Angelica (jell kah), Nicholas (nih nih), jacket (da ket), milk (meh){75 words}, flower (bough burr), belly button(bell bow), noodle (new no), potato (taytoe), there, dip it (her name for ranch dressing), ouch, owie, clap (ap)

My lord! I feel like there's more! She is starting to put her words together to make little sentences, like "pahkee where?," "o-pee butts" and "moe seesee cacuh peas." Get out your secret decoder rings!

Anyone know what the 'experts' say they should be saying at this age?

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