Sunday, January 6, 2008

Going Green

Some very GREEN sites for the New Year!

Catalog Choice let's you opt-out of catalog mailings for free. Just register with them. I did.
GreenDimes was featured on Oprah. For about ten cents a day ($36), you can stop unsolicited junk mailings and they plant trees on your behalf. You also get a reusable bag, t-shirt, children's book on conservation, and some free CFL bulbs.
Reusable bags are where it's at. I use Ecobag's produce bags at the supermarket and farmer's market, as well as the canvas ones for all my shopping.
Here's one you probably never thought of: The website ChangeTheMargins is pushing hard for every person out there who owns or uses a printer at home or work to change the settings on their margins from the standard 1.25 inches to .75 inches. They note that if everyone in the US complied with their wish, we'd save an area slightly smaller than the state of Rhode Island *every year*. Uh huh, that's a lot of trees. And if you need another reason to visit the site, it's worth mentioning that they are also petitioning Microsoft to change the default print settings to the smaller margin so you never even have to think about it.

1 comment:

Dana said...

I like the idea of changing the margins, I wonder what the kids' teachers would say to that.
I do reusable bags, and rags, and wipes.
Did you know how much you are helping the envirnment by breastfeeding?