Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poor Magpie

Boo's once loved and covetted Magpie, the little stuffed cat/blanket that has LITERALLY gone with us EVERYWHERE for the past 3 1/2 years, has been relegated to "guarding" Boo's gluestick in her pretend kitchen sink. Poor guy's been there for almost a week now. Sigh... my little girl is growing up!

Those who know us, know that I've spent many a day as Magpie's protector, with Magpie slung over my shoulder at a party or a park. Only to whip him off again when Boo gets hurt and cries "I want my Magpie!"

Magpie, who has dried Boo's tears and wiped her nose. Magpie, who's ear has been chewed, who's bow gets wrapped around Boo's fingers when she's sleepy and enjoying a cup of warm milk. The shame of it all... to be reduced to this...

My heart is breaking, for the poor toy no longer needed and for the little lady that my baby has become.


mi said...

Awww...how bittersweet. Time to reread the Velveteen Rabbit, I believe. It is hard for me to picture Boo w/o Magpie nearby.

Mermaid B said...

One of my favorite books, BTW! Magpie made a surprise appearance while Boo was sick... may have been just so she wouldn't have to use tissues to wipe her nose!